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LED Lighting is taking the lead in the hotel -- Sofitel stuns with 6000 LED lights

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour, the latest high-rise development in NSW, takes commercial LED lighting to new heights. When the brand new Sofitel Sydney looms in the densely populated area, the brightest stars are born. At night, the five-star hotel illuminates the area with 6,000 exterior LED luminaires. Just as guests enjoy panoramic views of Sydney's famous harbour, locals and tourists alike in the city revel in the breathtaking views of the stunning new addition to the Sofitel brand.

Elegant and environmentally friendly

Located in one of the world's most famous seaside cities, the hotel is the largest hotel to launch in Sydney over the past 20 years. The new luxury development is adjacent to the International Convention Centre, Australia's largest integrated convention, exhibition and entertainment complex.

Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour CBD visitors strolling around Darling Harbour at night will not miss the Sofitel Sydney. Decorated with stunning LED lights, the building features a signature restaurant and an upscale bar. 590 spacious suites are also spread across the hotel's lavish 35 floors.

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Despite its grand layout, Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour is committed to sustainability. The hotel has been awarded an impressive 6-star rating by the Australian Green Building Council. In the prestigious Green Star rating system, 6 is the highest and is a world-leading category. Together, they have engineered a curtain wall of glass that facilitates dazzling light designs and advanced LED technology. As thousands of lights have been integrated into the hotel's framework, the possibilities are endless for creative displays.

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Lighting accounts for a large percentage of energy use, and the most obvious benefit of upgrading to LED lighting is increased energy efficiency. This has a direct impact on monthly electricity bills (from lighting) and a corresponding reduction in carbon footprint. Save up to 100% in maintenance costs, in addition to proven energy savings of 85% or more. A typical ROI calculation shows a full return in as little as 3 months.

Few people need to be convinced of the financial advantages of LED lighting, but there are still those who think they may be efficient and long-lasting but do little to improve the ambience of a place. Perfect for offices, warehouses, and production workshops, but can spoil the atmosphere in the hospitality industry.

Nothing is far from the truth. The colour temperature of LED lighting is highly controllable, and manufacturers are introducing a range of character lighting designed for environments where the warm light of incandescent bulbs is an important feature.

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LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

In addition to immediate improvements in energy and other costs, existing ballasts and controls have been eliminated (20% of the energy can be reused). In addition, LED lights from well-known manufacturers come with a long-term guarantee and further cost savings due to reduced maintenance burden.

All of this makes a strong case for switching to LED technology. Fortunately, this can be achieved without throwing away existing infrastructure and past investments. LED lights and fixtures are easy to retrofit in current lighting schemes.

Additionally, retrofits are the least business-impact way to upgrade existing lighting. Installation is quick and work can be scheduled during downtime for normal operation.

For offices, warehouses and industrial buildings, LEDs also provide better quality lighting, in addition to their overwhelming quantitative advantage. For example, LED technology provides a directional form of light so it can be focused where it is needed. The LEDs are flicker-free, solving common problems with fluorescent lamps. High-performance LED lighting is highly consistent, helping to spread light evenly without any colour shift or contrast imbalance. Quality LED lighting is perfect for building automation and control as there is no problem turning it on and off.

LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

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