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LED Ribbon for Kitchen Under Cabinet Mirror Room Indoor Home

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The flexible led tape light has a thick and eco-friendly copper board(PCB), excellent conductivity, and displays pure and even lighting. 24-volt led strip lights can maintain a long service life.

What is the color temperature of SMD LED Strip Lights?

Color temperature is a way of expressing the color of a light source. When the colour of the light emitted by the light source is the same as the colour of a black body at a certain temperature, the temperature of this black body is called the colour temperature of the light source, referred to as colour temperature, expressed in absolute temperature scale. The unit is K (Kelvin).

The colour temperature of LED strips is usually divided into three categories (what are the common classifications of LED strip Lights):

1. Warm light: about 2800-3300k, similar to incandescent light, with more red light components, giving people a warm, healthy and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for hospitals, families, residences, dormitories, hotels and other places.

2. Warm white light: about 4000k, also called intermediate color, warm white light is soft, making people feel happy, comfortable and serene, suitable for offices, shops, hospitals, restaurants, restaurants, waiting for halls and other places.

3. Ccolourolor light: The led flexible strip light colour temperature is between 5000k-6500k, the light source is close to natural light, and it has a bright feeling, which makes people concentrate. It is suitable for design rooms, offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, drawing rooms, libraries, exhibitions and other places.

About this item:

[Ultra Bright & Dimmable]:★ The warm white led strip light adopts 300 bright daylight white LEDs, 3000K, delivery up to 2000 Lumen. It’s dimmable, you could adjust the brightness through the dimmer. The 24v led light strip warm white emits extremely low heat, which is safe to touch for even little kids and cute pets. Built-in short circuit prevention brings you double protection.

[Durable & Long Lasting]:★ The flexible led tape light has a thick and eco-friendly copper board(PCB), excellent conductivity, and displays pure and even lighting. 24-volt led strip lights can maintain a long service life of 300 LEDs that up to 100,000 hours, saving you time to change your cheap led strip lights to white.

[Easy to Install]:★ Just ripped the adhesives and stick the 24v led light strip on a clean and dry surface firmly, then you can start to use. The led light strips white kit is equipped with 16.4ft white led strip lights and a high-quality AC power supply and dimmer. Just plug and play, the installation is so easy!

[Flexible & Cuttable]:★ The cutting design enables you to trim these white light strips via cutting mark, which can be DIY to decorate anywhere you want. You can bend and shape the flexible white led strip lights as you like. Just notice you should cut between every 6 LEDs with the cutting mark. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

[Factory-Direct Service&Warranty]:★ Featured with 16.4ft/5m perfect length and high flexibility to give you better lighting. The long led strip lights white suits for diverse places decorating or illuminating, such as for the home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, under cabinet, closet, bookshelf, stairway, shelves, vanity makeup mirror, etc. Note: We offer you non-excuse 24h friendly service and 2-year after-sales service.


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