DRSA, a supplier of marine LED lighting, has recently secured over 12 major contracts to refit yachts ranging between 100 feet and 175 feet (30.48 to 53.34 meters) with LED lighting.

Refitting yachts from conventional light fixtures and bulbs to LED lighting and related dimming capabilities is now in high demand as the technology for such lighting has finally made its way to the yacht industry. “We have dramatically increased our focus on designing, creating and sourcing LED light products over the past year as we have seen significant benefits in the marine industry,” said DRSA President Cathy Smith. “LED lights are smaller in size, brighter in appearance and lower in heat emissions. Also, we have now been able to identify solutions to properly dim LED lights on board, so anyone with a yacht going thru a refit - or a new build - is well advised to look at these alternatives,” Smith added.
Focused on “Innovations in Illumination” for more than 25 years, DRSA designs, develops, manufactures and imports luminaires, light bulbs and LEDs to illuminate entire vessels from bow to stern. The DRSA team has over 100 years of combined marine and lighting expertise.
For more information about DRSA, visit or booth 1218 at IBEX 2014, September 30-October 2 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.