Huayue Electronics (Huayue), a manufacturer and international distributor of LED lighting products announced that Slovenia’s second largest city Maribor intends to use greener LED streetlights. The Chinese manufacturer has submitted a proposal through wholly-owned subsidiary, Changzhou Huayue Electronics, to retrofit the city streetlights is still under review.

Last week, Huayue sent a team of engineers to the city to participate in discussions with the City government regarding retrofitting all street lights. The proposal from Huayue Electronics, Inc. includes a plan to retrofit 15,000 street lights in the City of Maribor with LED lamps controlled by an energy efficient control system. Huayue proposed that this retrofitting project structured under an energy management service (EMC) framework (commonly referred to as an energy service agreement in North America), through which Huayue and its funding partner will provide lighting equipment at no upfront cost to the City, then share in the energy savings that the City realizes  ver the contract term. The proposed total contract amount is around EUR 6.8 million (US $10 million). If finalized, the project will serve as a model for Slovenia and other European Union members seeking to reduce energy costs.
 “We are very honored and delighted that we have this opportunity to discuss energy saving lighting projects, especially EMC projects, with our friends in Slovenia and other European countries,” said Shudong Pan, the CEO of Huayue Electronics. “We are extremely excited to see the EU guiding its members to green lighting, and now we are positioning our company as a leader that can provide both implementation and financing within this revolution. "