NBA player Kobe Bryant speaks about the future of basketball courts during a tour to China recently, with the infusion of LED technology players will probably be able to train with more precision. 

Bryant who visited China to promote the Nike RISE campaign, helped the sportswear conglomerate open up the “Bryant Court,” according to a report by Lakers Nation. There has been a different court named “House of Mamba” that is even more stunning.
"My first experience on the LED floor, it’s pretty umm…I didn’t even know that was possible. It’s amazing what can be done nowadays. I think the potential and possibilities for the floor are endless," said Bryant.
As seen from the video, the court floor acts as a projector, which not only is entertaining, but can also be used to indicate how much time is left till the end of the game. One of the young players even demonstrates how this system can be used to position players during training, drills and track movement.
To construct a high-tech basketball court like this would probably break the bank for most organizations, but for professional players this could raise training standards.