Basketball legend Bryant is challenging and inspiring the remaining 30 participants in Nike’s summer-long RISE campaign to up their game, as Bryant begins his ninth visit to China this week.

House of Mamba LED basketball court installed in Shanghai, China during Kobe Bryant's summer basketball tour with Nike. Please click photo to see a video of the court  in action. (All photos courtesy belong to Nike)

Bryant is hosting the remaining 30 players at a state-of-the-art basketball facility in Shanghai appropriately dubbed the House of Mamba. The House of Mamba features a full-sized LED basketball court, the first of its kind, which brings graphics, video and player-tracking to life. The court utilizes motion-tracking and reactive LED visualization to train, guide and challenge the RISE players through a variety of drills based on Bryant's training and adapted specifically for the court.

Top and Bottom: House of Mamba LED basketball court can display graphics (top) as well as time left in a game (bottom). 

According to the Gizmodo report, the court used over a thousand 0.6 x0.6 meter (2 x 2 ft) interlaced LED screens, which was covered with a layer of thick glass on top of the screens and an adhesive basketball surface to provide bounce and grip on the covering glass layer.

Kobe Bryant coaching a young Chinese player on the LED basketball court.

In addition to inspiring the RISE players to improve, Bryant will visit the Nike Basketball Park in Shanghai where a court is being dedicated in his name; he will judge a sneaker design battle between young designers; he’ll teach young kids and their parents about the importance of being active; and he’ll visit the private workshop of renowned industrial designer and sculptor Zhang Zhou Jie.

At the beginning of the summer, basketball-loving kids were invited to participate in the draft phase of RISE by submitting a 30-second basketball-themed video. Last week LeBron James visited Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei and Kaohsiung to help players improve their performance and achieve breakthrough while selecting the 30 players who came from 27 different cities, and will compete in the next round of the RISE campaign with Bryant.

Kobe Bryant cheers with young Chinese RISE players. 

By the end of a busy week, Bryant will cut the remaining 30 RISE players to 10 who will compete in the RISE Final held at Wukesong Basketball Park in Beijing on Aug. 16. The three winners from the Final will participate in the Nike World Basketball Festival in Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 5-7.