Ever since Asensetek announced the world's first " Handheld Smart Spectrometer - Lighting Passport" in 2013, it won the users' majority praise and trust. Today, we're even more excited to tell you that the Android App, "Spectrum Genius Mobile" (SGM) and "Spectrum Genius Essence" (SGE), have launched in the market. Along with it, the PC software, "Spectrum Genius Advanced" and "Spectrum Genius Standard", have also being improved with a lot of new features.

The Android App, "Spectrum Genius Mobile" (SGM) and "Spectrum Genius Essence" (SGE), support Android version 4.4 and later and smart devices with Bluetooth 4.0(BLE). We have specially optimized the Apps for Samsung S4, Samsung S5, Samsung Note3, LG Nexus 5, and SONY Z1/ Z2. No matter the User Interface (UI) or the User Experience (UX), Asensetek spent a lot of time redesigning the Apps for the Android version to provide the best quality services for all users, and we hope all Android users can get the best measurement experiences.

Users can search via the keywords "Asensetek", "Spectrum Genius" or "Lighting Passport" to download the App in Google Play Market, 360box, or, the Google Play users can also scan the QR code to download it.

Spectrum Genius mobile launched by Asensetek. (LEDinside/Asensetek)

Major PC software revisions

The PC software, "Spectrum Genius Advanced" and "Spectrum Genius Standard", also received their first major revision since launch. In this version 2.2.0, we add a new language option, German; we also add some new function keys on the top right hand side of the chart, those new function keys will provide users with the ability to "Show Coordinate", "Zoom In/ Out" and "Save As Image" of the chart.

We have also added a new function key, "Settings", to provide more convenience. In the "Settings" page, users can switch the locales immediately, and add various custom illuminance benchmark light sources, to compare with the measurement data of Lighting Passport; users can also toggle the visibility of the Planckian Locus and the Isotemperature Line; the color of the coordinate point of CIE chart and the color of the line of spectrum chart can also be set in this page. These functions will make multiple data analysis more convenient for the users.

For the maintenance and updating of the PC software, we made a new version check mechanism. Users can check the software version in the start menu, and if there is a new version, the software will automatically download the latest version and install it; users can also click the "Update" button located on the top right hand side of the new interface to download the update. In the "Print Report" function, further optimization have been made to the layout to provide users with more professional looking measurement reports.

All new functions will be available for Spectrum Genius Advanced users, while "Save As Image", "Change Language", "Update", and "Print Report" will be available for Spectrum Genius Standard users. Users who purchased from their local dealers or distributors can ask them for the latest version of the update file directly, or email us the serial number of your Lighting Passport and your basic profile such as Company Name, Email and Contact Person. After confirmation, we will reply you with the latest update file as soon as possible.

Spectrum Genius mobile from Asensetek works on both smartphones and PC operation systems. (LEDinside/Asensetek)

Extended warranty

In addition, in order to provide better service, Asensetek presents an online extend warranty registration on the official website ( Registering the information will get the one year extend warranty, a free calibration services (Value 250 USD), and export a new test report. If you want to know further warranty courses, please kindly contact the dealer, distributor, or Asensetek.